How to find ALL the news headlines in a flash

I am on a quest to discover tools and techniques which cut through this complexity, save my time, make life and work easier, and which are easy to use.

A potential time-waster for me is the laborious process of researching the current facts and figures on newsworthy items across multiple sources.

You might have heard that the physical newspaper industry is in sharp decline as we instead turn to our need for immediate consumption of “real-time” news on-line. Did you also know that there are way more news search engines out there aside from the Google, Yahoo or msn news that appears on you internet home page?

A new meta-search engine called FLASHR aggregates on-line occurances of the news headline you are searching on across multiple sources of news. The search-engine also updates its sources every 15 minutes.
My search on the word “emmy ”, returned the top 5 headlines containing this term from Google News; Microsoft Live; Ask Big News; Google Blogs; Bloglines; Digg; BBC News; MSNBC;  Newsvine, Yahoo News, Wordpress, Topix, Summize Twitter; and Techmeme.
Bookmark this search engine :- Newsflashr

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