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The Wealth Creation Profile

There are a lot of personal profiling tools out there.  I’ve checked out a lot of them and landed on a few which I prefer to use in my consulting practice. I am thoroughly convinced that good tools are foundational to personal, leadership and team development. While many tools require 3rd party expertise for a reliable interpretation, the on-line Wealth Creation Profile I found to be quite complete and self-explanatory in its on-line form.

What I really liked about the tool that is different from others I’ve tested, is that it combines solid personal profiling concepts with specific strategies as to how you can play to your strengths in designing your personal approach to wealth creation. As a coach, I liked the strengths approach which is unlike other wealth creation programs which suggest that people adopt generic strategies they may be entirely unsuited to or uninterested in.

The profile took me around 10 minutes to fill in and downloaded pretty well immediately. Great for a time poor society which craves for instant gratification. An added bonus with your personal profiling report is that you also get mini biographies of famous people that share your profile together with an overview of their strategy successes and failures.  All this for a reasonable $100USD.

Although I can see it being used by anyone interested in understanding their wealth creation strengths (and weaknesses), this tool is particularly suited to the entrepreneur. I liked it so much that I used the key points from my wealth profile to immediately re-design my business strategy around my strengths and put in place a process to systematically outsource the activities which are really outside my preferences. Outsourcing of course doesn’t mean abdicating responsibility, just getting really clear about where you add the most value.  I think this is a useful addition to the wealth creation and personal development strategies of anyone who is looking to take their success to the next level. 

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