Are you up for the challenge of moving from “good to great”?”
 …a unique concept in Executive development.

Periods of significant strategic change to business systems, people and culture place great stress on the senior team. This type of stress brings the team’s characteristics into sharp focus – highlighting their strengths, but also exacerbating their weaknesses. While knowledge and resource based weaknesses are relatively tangible, observable and readily corrected, weaknesses arising from human behaviour are less tangible, less understood and less readily addressed.

I have had the opportunity to work in strategic partnership with various public and private sector executive teams. While I had a major focus on enterprise wide change, I also both coordinated and participated in a range of highly esteemed management development programs and quality initiatives. These programs without doubt added to organizational performance and the management skills of many highly talented executives. However, these programs also consistently fell short of my hopes to address those “intangible” issues which placed roadblocks in the path of the senior team reaching its full performance potential.

In the words of author Jim Collins, “Good is the enemy of great” 2001. While I have been witness to executive teams producing good results arising from their skills and experience, I have also experienced executive teams producing great results which have transformed their workplace. Great executive teams are willing to acknowledge and take responsibility for addressing the intangible roadblocks which have previously blocked their performance potential.

What are intangible roadblocks?  They are the essentially invisible, yet powerful blindspots which undermine our perception of reality and compromise our judgement. They are the learned habits which create a reticence to consistently hold people to account for their non performance; the unacknowledged fear of change that sabotages our efforts to embrace and lead workplace reform; our generally poor ability to access the sort of powerful conversations that lead and inspire others to go the extra mile in their performance and contribution to the business; the nagging doubt about a potential job candidate that you just can’t put your finger on.  The list could go on.

The Integrity & Values© Profiling instrument gave me a solution. It stood out as unique amongst other tools in the market. I first became aware of the program as a member of a senior team in the middle of a highly complex change program within the energy industry. The program pulled no punches as we were challenged about our blindspots and their impact on the business. We were introduced to a new conversation in which we could be assertive, yet respectful and direct on previously “taboo” subjects and hidden agendas. Our senior team moved to a new and powerful level of performance, driving a new culture through new conversations around accountability and performance. Observable conversations and measurable performance improvements are the type of impacts that CEOs and HR Directors dream of.

I can’t walk past the unique lessons that this tool offers for all executive teams who are genuinely interested in accessing a new level of performance.

Di Worrall is the Principal of Worrall & Associates
Human Resources & Change Management Consulting

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